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The maintenance of the chain saw
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The maintenance of the chain saw


Chain saw is not strange for us, and has been widely used in our life, so for the chain saw is also important to maintain a link. Let's to share some of the maintenance of the chain saw.
If we do not use the chain saw for a long period of time, we will according to the following method for maintenance.
1, thoroughly clean the whole machine, cylinder heat sink and the air cleaner, in particular, of the surface of the cloth washing machine with stained with oil.
2, clears out fuel in the fuel tank, and then start the engine, make the engine work until automatically shut down;
3, vent gas tank in ventilated place, and clean.
4, the chain lubricating oil tank filled.
5, put dry carburetor, or carburetor pump membrane will stick to, affect the next start.
6, remove the saw chain and guide plate, clean and check, spray on applying.
7, remove the spark plug, put a little engine oil cylinders. With starting rope pull the engine after 2-3 times, install the spark plug, pull the starter rope again, make it stop feeling in a powerful position.
8, the engine placed in a dry, well ventilated place, away from heat or open flame.
9, if the chain saw for a long time need not, the chain with a brush wash, and then placed in the oil pool.