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The use of hedge machine should pay attention to?
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The use of hedge machine should pay attention to?

Hedge machine is two-stroke power, in use should be dynamic, transmission, and pay attention to three aspects of cutting tool and can ensure the normal use of the machine:
1, the engine:
A, qualified gasoline and oil, to ensure its mixing ratio (25:1);
B, on a regular basis (25 hours) check replacement air filter check the spark plug;
C, every work after a tank of gas, should rest for 10 minutes, clean up the machine after each work of gaskets, guarantee the cooling;
D, storage, must clean up the body, release the mixed fuel, the carburetor fuel to burn in the net; Remove the spark plug, to join in the cylinder 1-2 ml two-stroke engine oil, pull starter 2-3 times, with the spark plug.
2, transmission: (25 hours) added grease on a regular basis
3, tool: (25 hours) regularly check the clearance between the upper and lower blade, and timely adjust (interval for bolt thread interval) half a circle, keep sharp edge. Each hour work for oil filling, blade clip diameter < = 10 mm.